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After they were gone


My grandfather Östen Larsson died while I was still quite young. More than a decade later my other grandparents all passed away within a year. That felt strange and very sad, although they had lived long lives.

Years later, when I first started doing genealogy research it was of course my grandparents' parents that became my first task. They could all be named by my own parents but their origins and early lives required a research effort. Thus I took my first stumbling steps on the path of genealogy.

I have now been practicing this hobby, very much on and off, for the last 12-13 years. Living a full family and professional life time for hobbies are regularly scarce. And to be perfectly honest, I do get extremely bored with genealogy for long periods of time, asking myself:whether this is the best way of using time.

It was mostly in the early days of my research that I focused on my pedigree charts. Quite soon I turned my focus towards one particular family of ancestors and started tracing their origin and descendants. They were blacksmith Henrik Klasson Ekman and his wife Maria Jansdotter. They can be found in the pedigree chart of my grandmother Märta Emilia Lindskog, but also at my web page dedicated to that specific project. That quest continues and will probably never end.

Recently however, I've started to glance at my pedigrees again realizing there is still much to do. This time around I will continuously present my findings on this web site, in an attempt to share as much as possible with family, relatives, both in Sweden and abroad, and with others.who may find a match with their own pedigrees.

First out are my own pedigrees, starting the charts with my grandparents. Yet to come are the pedigrees of my wife, for my children to eventually have a complete set of pedigree charts to pass on in their turn.

Christer Hellsten

December 16, 2007



My grandparents

Märta Lindskog                                      Östen Larsson

Märta, grandmother on mother's side       Östen, grandfather on mother's side


Karin Svensson                                        Filip Hellsten

Karin, grandmother on father's side             Filip, grandfather on father's side