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This is a long term project regarding Henrik Klasson Ekman and his wife Maria Jansdotter


There are two main objectives...


To find their origins

To trace all their descendants


















Henrik Klasson Ekman and his wife Maria Jansdotter settled as a couple in the parish of Kroppa, in Värmland, Sweden, sometime in the year 1739. Their origins have been unknown but have gradually become better known through the work of several dedicated genealogists. More on this can be read here. Henrik and Maria were married in the parish of Lindesberg (landsförsamlingen), in Västmanland, Sweden. Henrik, who was a master blacksmith (sw:knippsmed), had the contract on one of the smithys belonging to "Storfors bruk" in Kroppa.

Henrik and Maria had eight children of which seven lived to have children of their own. The profession of the father became the profession of the sons, and the daughters mostly married blacksmiths as well. This went on for generations while the descendants spread all over the southern parts of Sweden and beyond. 200 years later one of the descendants went farther than most and walked the moon. His name was Buzz Aldrin.

My name is Christer Hellsten and I haven't yet walked the moon. I do however trace my roots to Henrik and Maria. Within the branch leading to me, blacksmithing as a profession prevailed till 1926 when the grandfather of my grandmother on mothers side, Karl Gustav Ekman, died.

Can we combine our efforts?

If you have any information to share on the origins of Henrik and Maria, or if you can assist in my pursuit of their descendants up to present times, please don't hesitate to contact me. Numerous of them emigrated to North America, mainly in the years 1850-1930. By following the link DESCENDANTS you'll find the results of the search effort this far.

Also, if you find errors in the charts on this home page, please let me know. The information is continuously being scrutinized in order to detect and correct factual errors and typos.


Christer Hellsten

January 8, 2011


20 November 2010

During the last six months work on the project has been infrequent. But, through the latest update of the charts, 20 November, many new pieces of information have been added. The updates relates to persons on both sides of the Atlantic. There are numerous updates concerning which ships the emigrants travelled on when setting out for America.

The list on descendants in the charts which emigrated has been updated and additional information on the first descendant who emigrated, Stina Kajsa Hättström, has been added. She emigrated in May 1853 and travelled from Gothenburg, Sweden, to Boston, Massachusetts, USA on the bark Christiana. She arrived in Boston 10 August the same year and continued her journey until she reached Stockholm in Pepin, Wisconsin. She remained in Stockholm until her death in 1899. See also a transcript of the passenger list for the bark Christiana from 1853.

Again and again I've found that eventually you find what you've been searching for ever so long.

30 May 2010

It's been a while since the last update but now many additional decendants have been added to the charts, on both sides of the Atlantic.

19 November 2009

A new segment has been added to the picture gallery. See the Ängsö gårdar pictures, from old times.

Get to know the first emigrant in the charts. The wave of emigrants leaving Bjurtjärn and Karlskoga 1853/1854. 

5 November 2009

Finally the charts have been updated again. Also, there have been some mighty interesting developments regarding the origin of Henrik Klasson Ekman and his wife Maria Jansdotter. Check out the charts. The internal search engine will do the trick if you don't know where to start. For more information on recent developments, check out the Origin lost page.

27 March 2009

More updates, both regarding emigrants to America and early 20th century records in Sweden. By following THIS LINK you'll find the surname index of the charts

30 November 2008

Minor updates of the descendant charts. New Picture Gallery segment added.

17 November 2008

More updates, both regarding emigrants to America and early 20th century records in Sweden.

18 October 2008

Additional updates, mostly regarding emigrants to the USA and their descendants. An internal search engine has been added, to replace the very sporadically updated Google index. Those finding this website certainly primarily do so through Google or some other global search engine but the internal index will be updated every time a page is updated. You'll find the search form here

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New segment 14 Nov 2009
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If you find the information on these pages useful, or just get the urge to share your views, please don’t hesitate to use the guestbook, or send an email to the address located at the bottom of this page. Of particular interest is any information from you which would contribute to the goals of the project, i.e. to find the origins of Henrik Klasson Ekman and Maria Jansdotter, and to trace all of their descendants.


Let's put the credit where credit is due. Had it not been for many vital contributions from colleauge genealogists, the descendants chart would be in a much poorer state today. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. In particular:

Ulf Björnlert
Maria Södergård
Sten Östlund
Elaine Löfgren
Örjan Hedenberg
Solveig Gavik
Jan Hultberg
Lars-Bertil Ekman
Carl-Gustav Ekman
Steve Fagerquist
Rex Hatfield
Richard Dahlstrom
Autumn Swope Taylor

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