Descendants disappearing in Sweden

A few descendants disappeared already in Sweden. It's likely that some of these actually emigrated to North America or Norway. They just didn't bother to speak to the church clerk keeping the records first. Some just changed their minds when moving from one parish to another and went to a third one instead without notifying the record keepers. And in some cases the clerk just did a mistake and wrote the wrong destination. The following persons could represent any of those categories:

  • Per Magnus Bergström, born 22 Feb 1850 in Borgsjö (Y). Last seen 1869 in Åflo, Offerdal (Z)
  • August Ekman, born 16 Jan 1853 in Ugglum (R). Last seen in the summer of 1888 in Gothenburg. See picture.
  • Edvard Johannes Ekman, born 15 Jul 1848 in Holstein, Germany. Last seen 1881 in Borre, Vestfold, Norway.
  • Karl Johan Hansson, born 30 Oct 1854 in Säfsnäs (W). Last seen mid 1870s in Torsåker (X)
  • Johan Karlsson Hättström (Hellström/Hällström), born 11 Jun 1804 in Kroppa (S). Last seen 1836 when moving from Solna (AB) to "Stockholm".
  • Peter/Petter Hättström (Hellström/Hällström), born 1 Dec 1806 in Kroppa (S). Last seen 1832 when moving from Karlskoga (T) to "Stockholm"
  • Stina Karlsdotter Hättström (Hellström/Hättström), born 15 Nov 1809 in Kroppa (S). Last seen 1835 when moving from Karlskoga (T) to "Stockholm", together with her husband Anders Ersson, born 12 Feb 1810 in Karlskoga (T)
  • Johannes Johansson, born 27 Dec 1847 in Sunne (S). Last seen 1871 when moving from Älvkarleby (C) to "Torsåker".
  • Anna Karlsdotter, born 21 Aug 1861 in Svanskog (S). Last seen 1879 when moving from Långserud (S) to Svanskog (S),
  • Karolina Larsdotter, born 8 Feb 1861 in Nedre Ullerud (S). Last seen sometime between 1881 and 1885 when moving from Övre Ullerud (S) to Nedre Ullerud (S).
  • Anna Sofia Lundström, born 9 Jun 1831 in Arboga landsförsamling (U). Last seen 1851 when moving from Kungs-Barkarö (U) to "Arboga".
  • Maria Lovisa Lundström, born 25 Dec 1823 in Ödeby (T). Last seen 1857 in Storkyrkoförsamlingen (AB).
  • Nils Johan Nilsson, born 1 Nov 1861 in Gåsborn (S). Last observed 1891-1895 in Katarina (AB), Stockholm. (Sailor).
  • Maria Kajsa Nyberg (married Hartzell), born 2 Jul 1830 in Nyed (S). Last seen, probably 1871 in Adolf Fredrik (AB).
  • Stina Maria Pettersson, born 13 Jul 1862 in Nordmark (S). Last seen 1887 when moving from Färnebo (S) to Nordmark (S).
  • Karl Anton Skogberg (Skogsberg), born 1 Sep 1841 in Örebro Nikolai (T). Last seen 1864 in Katarina (AB)
  • Johan Helge Skogberg (Skogsberg), born 23 Aug 1878 in Dalarö (AB). Last seen 1918 in San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Anders Johan Sundström, born 21 Dec 1765 in probably Falu Kristine (W). Last seen 1820 in Maria (AB)
  • Anders August Sundström, born 5 Feb 1817 in Kvistbro (T). Last seen 1820 in Maria (AB)



If you have any information on the whereabouts of any of the persons above, please contact me.



  December 15, 2007