23 September 2008

The DESCENDANTS charts of Henrik Klasson Ekman and Maria Jansdotter have been updated, in particular regarding the early 20th century. The Google index is not yet updated however and there are quite a few broken links. For a complete persons list se the DISGEN charts.

12 April 2008

Extensive update concerning descendants that emigrated to North America. In particular the chart has been updated regarding descendants to Henrik's and Maria's great grand-daughter Lena Kajsa Ekman. Her husband Salomon Lundberg died 1850 and she emigrated to USA 1865, heading for Utah. She never reached Utah but died in Plains, Wyoming, the same year. Some of her children took the same journey, before and after their mother. See her descendant charts.

Some adjustments to the 100 year "rule" has been made, following a decision by the Swedish National Archives.

The DESCENDANT charts have been further updated. Primarily additional information on USA emigrants has been added to the charts. A number of American online resources have been used for that purpose, basically sources available at Ancestry.com. The US Censuses are so much fun to dig into. Additional information received through correspondance with descendants in USA has been added as well.

Henrik Klasson Ekman as early as 1736 at Wedevåg and Kvarnbacken in Lindesbergs landsförsamling (T)? Read more here.