Henrik Klasson Ekman

A Henrik Klasson has been found at Wedevåg and Kvarnbacka in Lindesbergs landsförsamling (T). Working for master Olof Åberg, in 1736 (approx.), is the young man Henrik Klasson (Hindrik Classon).

2106.91.110700, [Närke och Värmland; Örebro] Lindesberg Landsförsamling, AI.A6, Husförhör, 1734 - 1747, 299-0, Bild 146 av 159

Mantalslängder 1642-1820, Mantalslängder 1642-1820 Örebro län, SE/RA/55203/55203.19/93 (1736), Lindesbergs landsförsamling (SVAR interna s.213)

To this day there is no trace of Henrik as a child. I'm certainly not the only one looking for his parents. My first encounter with someone else going for Henrik's roots was more than 10 years ago and over the years I've crossed paths with a few more genealogists on the same mission. So, what is known?

  • Year of birth has been recorded as 1717 as well as 1719, place unknown
  • His father's name most likely was Klas
  • His mother's name could have been Anna, Katarina or Stina
  • He probably came to Kroppa, in Värmland, Sweden no later than 1738
  • He married Maria 1 July 1739 in Lindesbergs landsförsamling, in Västmanland, Sweden
  • He received the contract on one of the smithys under "Storfors bruk" in Kroppa 1740
  • Henrik used the family name "Ekman" already 1738 in Kroppa (first record of him)
  • Henrik died 7 July 1771 in Kroppa
  • All his sons became blacksmiths, his daughters married blacksmiths
  • Descendants from Henrik to a very high degree remained within the trade for centuries

Henrik was the first in his family to use the name Ekman
Henrik was not the first in his family working as a blacksmith

Alternative spellings:
Hinrik, Hindrik, Hendrik, Clas, Claes




Maria Jansdotter

Maria married Henrik in Lindesbergs landsförsamling, in Västmanland, Sweden. It was common for couples to marry in the home parish of the bride, thus Lindesbergs landsförsamling probably was Maria's home parish at that time. Their first child, Anna Katarina, was born 28 September 1740 in Kroppa. What else is known?

  • Year of birth is frequently recorded as 1719, although age given in her death record would indicate the year 1715, place unknown
  • Her father's name most likely was Jan (Jean)
  • Her mother's name could have been Anna, Katarina or Stina
  • She probably came to Kroppa after marrying Henrik
  • Place of residence in Lindesbergs landsförsamling at the time of her wedding could have been Bor (västra?)
  • Maria died 7 November 1795 in Kroppa
  • Surname alternatives: Jansdotter, Johansdotter, Jeansdotter








DESCENDANTS of Henrik and Maria



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